Have you ever considered wearing an athletic mouthguard? Do you ever catch a glimpse of a boxer and realize that without a mouthguard, his smile would likely contain very few teeth after a fight? While a sport with as much impact as boxing makes the need for oral health protection quite clear, patients often overlook the fact that just about any sport leaves room for error and injury. As a result, we encourage you to look over a few reasons a guard just might be beneficial for your own purposes.

#1: To Avoid Injury

Whether you’re at a great risk of a serious impact (such as a ball or other equipment hitting you in the mouth) or if you’re practicing a sport on your own, it’s important to protect your oral health. The easiest way to avoid problems like cracked, broken, or dislodged teeth is to wear an athletic mouthguard – simple as that.

#2: To Protect Braces

Are you wearing traditional braces? If you are active, you know that any sudden impact can result in damage to your braces, including the complete dislodging of brackets and wires. Fortunately, wearing an athletic mouthguard will protect your orthodontic work, so you don’t need to feel concerned while you’re participating in high-impact activities.

#3: To Prevent Concussion

True, this idea is still in the theory stage. However, many scientific studies have been performed with the general idea that wearing a mouthguard may protect you against concussions. The mouthguard is capable of absorbing shock and protecting your tissues. While the final verdict is not out on this particular idea, the potential additional benefits are certainly worth considering.