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Super Serious Tips: For Your Toothbrush!

When you use your toothbrush, you generally aren’t taking slow, careful steps through the process of your dental hygiene. Instead, you plop the toothpaste onto the brush, make it through your two minutes, and you’re done! While we certainly don’t want you to obsess over your smile care, we do want you to take some… Read more »

Mealtime: Things To Remember To Protect Your Smile

While you probably don’t immediately think of mealtime when considering possible problems for your oral health, we like you to remember that these times of day can bring hazards with them. Fortunately, when you’re practicing common sense, there aren’t any massive issues to contend with. It’s really the little things (which we are happy to… Read more »

Flossing: A Very Helpful Quiz

Sometimes, flossing gets a bad wrap. Sometimes, patients just assume it’s not that important as long as they are brushing and remembering to schedule their visits with us. The truth is, it’s important to floss and it’s actually easy and comfortable. As for how much you really know on this dental hygiene topic, let’s dig… Read more »

OTC Questions And Answers

When you see an OTC (over the counter) item that promises to do amazing things for your smile, you may find yourself completely torn. On one hand, this sounds very convenient and the payoff sounds exciting! However, it also seems like the kind of thing that we will quickly suggest you avoid. The truth is:… Read more »

Is Teeth Whitening What Your Smile Needs?

Do you hate how dingy your teeth have become, perhaps after years of incessant coffee drinking or even exposure to tobacco products? It can be difficult to smile confidently when your smile is noticeably discolored, much less deeply stained. Fortunately, dental treatment can help to address the wide variety of causes that can lead to… Read more »