Many people still think of dental crowns as metal fixtures that are easily spotted and often uncomfortable, as well. However, modern dentistry provides a number of ways to treat dental issues, including several options that are more discreet than metal crowns, and often more comfortable as well. That is great news for patients that might be in need of a dental crown. Are you one of them? If you are concerned because you know your smile needs restorative treatment, don’t worry about what that will mean for your smile. Instead talk to your dentist about the seamless options available for improving your smile’s look, feel and function!

Don’t Ignore Discomfort, Trauma or Visible Damage

It is important to remember that when a tooth has become damaged through decay, trauma or another problem, it will require restorative treatment. That is because teeth aren’t able to heal themselves in the same way other parts of the body can, like the skin. Restorative dentistry makes it possible to improve the function of a damaged tooth, and also to protect it against further wear.

In many cases, crowns are recommended for dealing with dental problems, because they provide a tight seal against food particles and bacteria. Crowns are also prized because of their cosmetic appeal, though.

Restorative Treatment Can Help Preserve Your Tooth

Seamless smile restorations are an excellent way to protect damaged teeth, and to improve the look of the smile as well. That is because these crowns are made to look like a patient’s natural teeth, so they won’t be easily recognized.