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Your Toothache: What To Do At Home

Hopefully, if you have a toothache, you have already been in contact with us and have a scheduled visit quickly forthcoming. (If not, of course, we instruct you to do so as soon as possible, as discomfort is a sign that it may be time for professional intervention). However, as for what to do about… Read more »

Want to Help Your Family Avoid Dental Cavities?

What parent wans to see his or her kids struggle with pesky dental discomfort, the kind so often associated with dental cavities? Sadly, studies indicate that approximately one third of the kids in America will be diagnosed with cavities, many in permanent teeth and often before the age of eleven. Fortunately, you can help to… Read more »

Is It Time to Update Your Dental Prostheses?

Are you growing weary of mealtimes feeling frustrating because of an ill-fitting dental prostheses, or even shifting as you chew? Has your once great denture, started to feel too small, or simply misshapen for your smile? Many people don’t realize that the smile can begin to change over time, particularly when several teeth have been… Read more »

Does Your Smile Need a Dental Crown?

Many people still think of dental crowns as metal fixtures that are easily spotted and often uncomfortable, as well. However, modern dentistry provides a number of ways to treat dental issues, including several options that are more discreet than metal crowns, and often more comfortable as well. That is great news for patients that might… Read more »