Are you embarrassed because your teeth are no longer bright and white, like they once were? Over time, most adults begin to notice discoloration of their teeth, caused by the foods and drinks they consume on a daily basis. Some drinks can be particularly problematic, such as coffee, dark teas, and red wines. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to reverse most dental stains. In fact, a cosmetic dentist can do a lot more than brighten the teeth. There are a number of dental treatments that can help to improve the smile’s appearance. So if you are tired of feeling insecure because of imperfections in your smile, why not find out how cosmetic dentistry could give you a smile you’ll love showing off!

Erases Years’ Worth of Staining

Professional teeth whitening is a fast and effective treatment that can help lighten teeth by a noticeable degree. In fact, many patients enjoy smiles that are eight to ten shades lighter, by choosing professional whitening.

Improve the Teeth’s Shape and Size

Another way cosmetic dentistry can enhance a smile’s natural beauty, is by correcting abnormalities in the size or shape of the teeth. If you have a few teeth that seem particularly small or oddly shaped, for instance, bonding or contouring or dental veneers could be used to help. Bonding and contouring are fast and affordable options, for correcting teeth. However, dental veneers can provide even longer lasting results, because they are crafted from porcelain, which is strong and stain-resistant, similar to natural tooth enamel.