Do you look in the mirror, and immediately feel self-conscious because of stains and discoloration with your teeth? Even when you see yourself in photos, is it hard not to fixate on the flaws in your smile? Having teeth that are less-than-pearly white can cause a great deal of insecurity, and make it difficult to smile proudly. While there are numerous products available at the grocery store and pharmacy, which claim they can lighten teeth, few are able to provide the kind of dramatic results many people hope to achieve. If you are looking for fast and noticeable whitening, why not consider the benefits of choosing professional cosmetic treatment, like teeth whitening?

When Over-the-Counter Products Just Won’t Cut It

If you have tried over-the-counter products in the past, and have been unhappy with the results, that could be because many of these products aren’t designed to create dramatic results. Some spend too little time on the teeth to be effective at creating noticeable whitening results. Others require prolonged use to begin to make a visible difference in the teeth’s appearance.

Ways Professional Whitening Treatment Is Different

Professional whitening, on the other hand, is designed to create dramatic results, quickly, often in under two weeks.

If you choose to complete professional teeth whitening through the use of a take-home product, you can expect to achieve great results through daily use for approximately two weeks.

In many cases, professional whitening can lighten teeth by eight or more shades, providing the kind of noticeable results many people are seeking when they choose to lighten their teeth!