Are you excited to soon greet the goblins and ghosts, pirates and princesses, that frequent your home each Halloween? Many adults look forward to seeing the excitement on children’s faces as they ask that legendary question, “Trick or treat?” This year, though, if you’d like to elicit smiles and help protect them as well, instead of opting for traditional Halloween candy, why not consider dentist-approved treats instead? That doesn’t mean you have to give out toothbrushes. It just means thinking outside the traditional candy bag, in order to give healthy treats the kids will sure to love, and that their healthy smiles will appreciate as well.

Don’t Resort to Candy When There are Lots of Healthier Alternatives

No one insists that Halloween treats be edible, so why not skip the traditional candy in favor of games, toys or other small goodies the kids are sure to love, but which won’t contribute to cavity development (which is linked to high intakes of sugar)?

Dollar stores frequently have gobs of great options, such as small puzzles, games, balls, and costume jewelry kids will enjoy. You could also look for glow-in-the-dark wands or bracelets, which the kids are likely to use even as they do their trick-or-treating.

Stickers and temporary tattoos are other smile-friendly and kid-friendly options, that are easy to find with seasonal themes, or beloved cartoon characters, superheroes, etc.

Hosting a Halloween Party? Consider These Treats

If you will also be hosting a Halloween party, stick to serving foods that will be delicious and nutritious. That way your guests, young and old, won’t be tempted to overdo the smile-threatening sugar. Veggie trays and fresh fruit might sound exciting, but there are creative ways to display them that make for spooky fun. For instance, bell peppers make great serving dishes and can be carved to look like jack-o-lanterns. Soft fruits like melons can be cut with cookie cutters in Halloween-themed shapes.