Are you embarrassed by the look of your smile? While many people think of staining or noticeably worn teeth, when they think about the need for a smile update, have you considered how restorative treatment might be able to improve your smile, and confidence, as well? Many people delay smile-saving restorative dental treatment out of fear what this appointment will entail, and more specifically, how the smile will look after the procedure. Others spend years feeling embarrassed by noticeable metal restorations, when modern restorations could provide more seamless protection against further dental problems.

Fillings and Crowns Now Come In More Seamless Materials

Both dental fillings and crowns were once made mostly from metal materials, however these proved problematic in a number of ways.

  1. Metal dental restorations were easily spotted, causing many people to feel embarrassed about their smiles.
  2. Metal is a high conductor of heat, which means many patients felt discomfort when enjoying hot beverages or foods, with metal fillings or crowns.
  3. For patients with metal sensitivities, these forms of restoration were not viable.

Enjoy Long-lasting Benefits of Modern Restoration

Fortunately, modern dental restorations can be made of a composite resin, that helps to create tooth-colored fillings that look more natural, and conduct less heat than metal, yet still protect against further acid erosion or infection.

Porcelain crowns are similar in their esthetic benefits, yet they provide even more longevity, thanks to the fact that dental-grade porcelain is both strong and stain-resistant. So, whether you find yourself needing a dental restoration for the first time, or are finally ready to update an uncomfortable or unattractive restoration, now is a great time to discuss with your dentist the many benefits of modern dental restorations.