Do you find yourself caring for both your children and your parents? If so, your life may already seem dizzyingly full of school activities and medical care, study breaks and senior activities. Even so, it is important to make sure that both your kids and your parents are caring for their smiles. Proper preventive care, including regular dental checkups and cleanings, is key to protecting teeth and gums from common threats like cavities and gum disease. Fortunately, dental care is not difficult. It does not even have to be time consuming, and it can save a great deal of discomfort, embarrassment and the need for dental restorations, down the road.

Are Your Kids Complaining of Sensitivity?

Heightened sensitivity is an often-overlooked symptom of a dental cavity. Discomfort is another common warning sign of decay. Unfortunately, many kids don’t think to inform their parents when they notice changes in their smiles, and that is if they are aware of them, themselves.

Of course, not all patients experience these and other signals of problems. This is one of the reasons regular preventive appointments are so important. They give dentists a chance to check for burgeoning issues, before they have had opportunity to badly damage the teeth.

Don’t Forget Seniors Need Dental Care Too

Like children, adults, including seniors, need regular dental visits, too. Most dentists recommend visiting at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings. However, this is only a general guideline. Many patients, particularly those prone to cavities or those who have already been diagnosed with gum disease, can benefit from more frequent appointments, to better protect the teeth and gums.