Does it seem like ages since you first received your dentures? If so, you might not even remember what it felt like to lose a tooth or to have one extracted. But chances are, you do fondly remember how it felt to like the look and feel of your smile. Over time, dentures can begin to show signs of wear, and even become uncomfortable or ill-fitting. That is why it is important to see your dentist regularly. It can also be helpful, though, to understand the modern prosthetic options that are available for helping to complete – or update – a smile both cosmetically and functionally.

You May Need to Update Your Dentures Every Decade

Many patients don’t realize, when getting dentures for the first time, that while the dentures are made to be comfortable and durable, they will likely still need replacing. That’s actually because the smile can begin to change over time, making once well-fitting dentures uncomfortable. Without healthy tooth roots to supply nutrients to the jaw as one chews, the jaw can begin to shrink. This happens much faster when a patient has lost all or even most of his or her teeth.

Consider a Dental Bridge or Implant If You Want More Security

While a new denture is one option, if you are actually hoping to achieve even more stability, particularly while chewing, it is wise to consider either a dental bridge or a dental implant, both of which help to better stabilize replacement teeth.

Bridges utilize crowns to help hold a replacement tooth, such as a partial denture, in place, while dental implants use titanium posts meant to mimic healthy tooth roots that support the jaw.