Do you love a good spring cleaning? It’s often amazing just what a difference some deep cleaning can make on a home, namely how it can make it shine. That said, have you considered that it might be time that your smile gets a spring cleaning, as well? Preventive checkups and cleanings are some of the best ways to protect the teeth against cavities, and also to prevent gum disease, a chronic condition that affects millions of Americans. Sadly many people skip regular dental appointments thinking that their smiles already seem healthy, and therefore they don’t need to attend professional checkups and cleanings. This can lead to oral health problems that could otherwise be prevented. To keep your smile in tip top shape, make sure you schedule regular dental cleanings, and spring is a great time to do just that!

How Often Are Cleanings Needed?

While many people were taught, as children, to visit the dentist once a year, most dentists agree that patients should actually have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year to properly prevent dental issues, including cavities. Those prone to decay may actually require quarterly checkups to adequately protect their teeth.

Since unsightly and acidic tartar buildup can only be removed through professional cleanings, regular checkups and cleanings are essential to preventing enamel erosion and gum irritation that can be caused by tartar.

What Else Can You Do to Keep Your Smile Clean?

In between visits to the general dentist you can also help to keep your smile clean and healthy by sticking to a diligent dental hygiene routine. This should include twice daily toothbrushing, of course, but it should also include flossing, which most people skip.

Flossing helps clean the crevices between teeth, where toothbrush bristles can’t effectively reach. So if you want your next professional cleaning to go great, simply adding floss to your daily routine can help!