Has it been years since you were able to smile confidently, all because of noticeable imperfections, like deep discoloration or inconsistencies in the teeth’s shape or size? If so, have you considered how cosmetic dentistry could help you hide imperfections and improve upon your smile’s natural beauty? Cosmetic dental treatment, like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers could likely help you achieve a younger-looking and more beautiful smile. That way you can get back to more important things than worrying about your teeth’s appearance, like smiling!

When Is Tooth Whitening the Answer?

In many cases, deep discoloration can effectively be addressed through professional teeth whitening treatment. That’s because whitening is designed to dramatically brighten teeth, often by up to eight shades in only a few week’s time.

How Else Can Your Smile Be Enhanced?

Of course, if you are feeling insecure because of other issues, like oddly shaped or sized teeth, there are other cosmetic treatment options available to help.

Cosmetic Bonding – a fast and affordable option, bonding relies on the dentist’s own artistry to help hide imperfections and improve the smile’s brightness and consistency through the use of composite resin, which can be sculpted onto teeth. The resin creates durable enhancements, but they are not as stain-resistant as porcelain dental work, so they can begin to discolor over time.

Porcelain Veneers veneers create similar initial results, however they can be even longer-lasting, and that is thanks to the natural stain resistance of dental-grade porcelain, a material prized for its natural look and longevity. This is why porcelain dental crowns are a popular restorative option.