Depending on the reason, you may or may not know why your tooth hurts occasionally (or more often). If you don’t remember chipping the tooth, and you haven’t noticed a cavity developing, then you might need your dentist to examine your mouth to determine the possible causes of your toothache. Then, you can receive an appropriate treatment (if necessary) to finally alleviate the discomfort so you can return to your normal routine.

Tooth Damage

Gauging the most common reasons for tooth discomfort, but often, mild to moderate damage is one of the more frequent causes. When a tooth is chipped, cracked, or otherwise injured, the tooth’s sensitive nerves and inner tissues can be exposed to food, beverages, oral bacteria, and other irritation.

An Obstruction in Your Teeth

Even if all of your teeth are healthy, whole, and intact, they can still hurt if you get a popcorn kernel or other foreign object stuck between them. If you feel undue pressure on one or more of your teeth, then rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water and use dental floss to try and dislodge the obstruction. If it doesn’t come out easily, then schedule a visit as soon as possible.

Neglecting Your Hygiene

Your teeth might be the strongest parts of your body, but they can only remain so if you take proper care of them on a daily basis. Neglecting to brush and floss your teeth, or ignoring your scheduled dental checkups and cleanings, can allow the protective layer of enamel around your teeth to grow weak and insubstantial. In time, the weakened enamel will leave your teeth more sensitive to stimulation, and if the enamel is compromised, bacteria can slip past it and infect your tooth.

Find the Cause of Your Toothache

If you suffer from a toothache, then let your dentist examine your mouth to determine its cause and discuss your possible treatment options. To schedule a consultation with your dentist, call Columbia Dental & Orthodontics in Dallas, TX today at (214) 827-8000.