The first thing you should know if you need a root canal treatment – there is no need to panic. Well, there is no need to panic if you take action and schedule your procedure. A problem with your tooth that affects its inner chamber, or pulp, will make a root canal necessary. Once it is performed, you will be able to stop any problem this causes. However, if you leave the matter unaddressed, your tooth can eventually suffer irreversible damage, and be lost. This can also lead to more problems with your oral health. When you understand what a root canal does – and what happens if you do not receive the treatment you need – you can feel more at ease about setting your appointment.

A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

A root canal stops bacteria from damaging a tooth’s living tissue. If nothing is done to address bacteria in your pulp, an infection can spread and create more oral health woes.

Protecting Your Tooth After A Root Canal Will Involve The Placing Of A Dental Crown

A root canal will save your tooth, but it will still need support. With a dental crown, your dentist can provide protection for a vulnerable tooth. The crown will be strong enough to handle biting and chewing responsibilities.

Regular Checkups Can Make You Less Likely To Need A Root Canal

If you attend regular dental checkups, problems that call for restorative dental care can be caught before they grow serious enough to require a root canal. When a cavity is caught in time, your tooth can be completely restored after decay is removed, and a dental filling is placed.

Talk To Columbia Dental And Orthodontics If You Need A Root Canal

If you need a root canal, you should understand that delaying treatment means a risk for creating more tooth problems. It can also leave you dealing with ongoing discomfort. Scheduling care at Columbia Dental & Orthodontics will allow you to protect your tooth, and your smile. To learn more about our advanced dental, orthodontic, and oral surgery services, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalyan Nadella or Dr. Benjamin Walder by calling (214) 827-8000. Our dental office is now open every Sunday by appointment only, and we are proud to welcome patients from around the DFW area, including Dallas, Mesquite, Oak Cliff, Garland, and all other surrounding communities.