You hear that Invisalign treatment trays are a solution for misaligned teeth that will straighten your smile and that will fly under the radar. They’re practically invisible! This is a very exciting benefit and often something that can make it very easy for a patient to feel comfortable moving forward with care. However, what exactly is it about this orthodontic treatment that makes it almost impossible for other people to see, you wonder? We are happy to walk you through this very advantageous aspect of choosing aligner trays for your grin.

The Way The Trays Look

One factor in what makes Invisalign treatment seem invisible is the fact that the aligner trays are clear and close fitting. They are made of completely clear plastic, which means they are not going to draw much attention to your smile. Thanks to the fact that the clear aligner trays fit closely against your teeth, people are more apt to think they’re looking at your smile than to detect any type of orthodontic work. Keep them and your smile clean and this will continue to work to your benefit.

The Way Treatment Works

Now, let’s talk about the way treatment works. When you choose Invisalign treatment, you’re choosing clear aligner trays that you will wear for about 20 to 22 hours out of each day. That means that you have time to remove them. So, if you’re eating a meal with friends or family or have other moments during which you need to remove them, you can. As a result, people won’t see your trays. They’ll just see your smile. (Note: Remember to wear them for the suggested amount of time for successful care).

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