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Can Invisalign Provide Real Orthodontic Results?

There are a few obvious differences between Invisalign aligners and other orthodontic appliances. One of the most attractive differences to people is in the way Invisalign aligners are designed to be hard to notice, which allows you to minimize any effect on your appearance as your alignment issues are addressed. They also provide a difference… Read more »

Should I Rely On Invisalign Or Traditional Braces?

If you have problems with poor dental alignment, you should know that treatment can effectively improve your smile, and address oral health issues. Of course, modern orthodontic care offers more than one solution to the problem of malocclusion. Should you rely on traditional metal braces to help you correct alignment flaws, or talk to your… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign® Aligners?

When your teeth are crooked, they not only affect your smile’s appearance, but also the balance and function of your entire bite. Your jaw joints and muscles can suffer from the imbalance, and your teeth might become damaged or forced further out of alignment due to the excessive bite pressure. Therefore, the benefits of straightening… Read more »

2 Lies About Invisalign

There are some stories you may hear about Invisalign treatment, some lies you may accidentally end up telling yourself, and some myths that just won’t help you enjoy a successful time with your orthodontic treatment. Rather than allowing you to fall victim to such issues, we’d like to do our best to help you avoid… Read more »

What Makes Invisalign So … Invisible?

You hear that Invisalign treatment trays are a solution for misaligned teeth that will straighten your smile and that will fly under the radar. They’re practically invisible! This is a very exciting benefit and often something that can make it very easy for a patient to feel comfortable moving forward with care. However, what exactly… Read more »

Quiz: Why Your Invisalign Isn’t Working

When you make a good candidate for Invisalign treatment and you choose it, then it can work beautifully. If you use it as directed, there’s no reason you won’t end up with success throughout and by the end of your treatment. However, if you cut corners or don’t follow instructions, you may be surprised by… Read more »