Hopefully, if you have a toothache, you have already been in contact with us and have a scheduled visit quickly forthcoming. (If not, of course, we instruct you to do so as soon as possible, as discomfort is a sign that it may be time for professional intervention). However, as for what to do about that tooth in the meantime, when you’re at home and it’s causing you some serious grief? Well, we can most definitely guide you toward relief.

Cool It Down

When you have a toothache, the area may feel somewhat swollen. Remember that this type of discomfort is best treated with cool temperatures rather than hot. Reach for cold items to hold against your face (not directly against your tooth) like a cold pack, a cold compress, etc. It will help with both pain and swelling.

Open the Medicine Cabinet

Don’t feel like you have to tough it out! Your toothache will be far less uncomfortable if you take a pain relief medication. No need to go to the doctor. Medicine from the drugstore will work wonders! Follow the label directions and you’ll feel a lot better.

Don’t Touch It

Don’t touch that toothache. Something that already hurts is going to become more and more aggravated the more you irritate it. Let it be to the best of your ability and come in to see us very soon. Don’t forget that when you make treating your tooth a priority, you’ll much more quickly arrive at the goal of a solved problem and a tooth that no longer hurts.

See Us Soon If You Develop A Toothache

Come in for care if you’re experiencing a toothache, so the problem is resolved and your smile feels (and functions) as it should. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalyan Nadella or Dr. Benjamin Walder, call Columbia Dental & Orthodontics in East Dallas, TX today at (214) 827-8000. We also gladly serve patients in Mesquite, Oak Cliff, Garland, and all surrounding communities.