There are some stories you may hear about Invisalign treatment, some lies you may accidentally end up telling yourself, and some myths that just won’t help you enjoy a successful time with your orthodontic treatment. Rather than allowing you to fall victim to such issues, we’d like to do our best to help you avoid them! When you keep your treatment on the up-and-up in all ways, you head without obstruction toward your straight, beautifully aligned smile with ease!

Lie #1: You’ll Be Able To “Feel” How Long You Wear Them

You might convince yourself that you don’t really need to watch the clock when you take your Invisalign treatment trays in and out. You did this in the beginning and now, you’re sure that you can just “feel” how long they’ve been out. As a result, you aren’t worried that you may accidentally leave them out for more than the 2 to 4 hours they can be removed from your smile without taking away from successful care. The truth is, even if you think you know how long a minute feels, you don’t. It’s extremely important to watch the clock or set a timer all the way through treatment, so you don’t slow it down.

Lie #2: If You Lose Them Once, You Won’t Do It Again

You might think that if you accidentally lose your Invisalign treatment trays once, you will be so worried about them that you’ll never do it again. This isn’t the case. We encourage you from the time you get them to be extremely careful about keeping them stored as we instruct. You don’t want to lose them even once (and you certainly don’t want it to happen twice). Protect them throughout the course of your treatment for a successful experience.

Ask Us For Help Protecting Your Trays

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