We all like learning about tips for holiday time, whether they’re about decorating, oral health care, or otherwise! Why is this such a tip-friendly time of year? Well, because there’s a lot going on, so any little bit of wisdom for making this events-and-plans-packed time of year a little easier is always well worth it. Today, let’s cover some beneficial suggestions that can help you glide through the holidays without orthodontic treatment problems. It’s worth it!

Tip: Bring Your Dental Hygiene With You (Everywhere)

Don’t forget to bring a toothbrush and dental floss with you. Whether you’re staying at a loved one’s house for a few nights, heading to a party at a friend’s house, or otherwise, you will want your dental hygiene products by your side. It will make cleaning teeth and managing Invisalign trays (or cleaning food out of braces) so much easier.

Tip: Don’t Forget Accessories

Wherever you go, remember to bring the accessories you need. It’s a good idea to keep a list and to check it before you leave the house, so you can arrive at celebrations without any upset. Need your storage container for your trays? Bring it with you. Need wax for your braces? Bring it with you. Whatever it is, having it on hand will make getting through the holidays with orthodontic treatment a breeze.

Tip: Keep Protective Suggestions In Mind

Those suggestions that we provide for you: They’re very important! They can help keep your orthodontic treatment safe and effective year round, even when it’s holiday time. So, remember to pay attention to the rules without faltering. (Don’t eat with trays in, don’t bite into hard foods with braces, etc.). Don’t give yourself “cheat days” because you will likely end up interrupting your care or damaging your treatment!

Keep Your Orthodontics On Track And Safe This Holiday Season

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