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Should I Rely On Invisalign Or Traditional Braces?

If you have problems with poor dental alignment, you should know that treatment can effectively improve your smile, and address oral health issues. Of course, modern orthodontic care offers more than one solution to the problem of malocclusion. Should you rely on traditional metal braces to help you correct alignment flaws, or talk to your… Read more »

Orthodontic Treatment: Tips For Holiday Time

We all like learning about tips for holiday time, whether they’re about decorating, oral health care, or otherwise! Why is this such a tip-friendly time of year? Well, because there’s a lot going on, so any little bit of wisdom for making this events-and-plans-packed time of year a little easier is always well worth it…. Read more »

Traditional Braces: 3 Awesome Benefits

While there are many options out there for aligning your smile, you might find that we suggest traditional braces for yourself or your child. Before you feel disappointed that you’re not going to end up with clear aligner treatment, we encourage you to consider the fact that the more traditional route with the use of… Read more »

Quiz: Why Your Invisalign Isn’t Working

When you make a good candidate for Invisalign treatment and you choose it, then it can work beautifully. If you use it as directed, there’s no reason you won’t end up with success throughout and by the end of your treatment. However, if you cut corners or don’t follow instructions, you may be surprised by… Read more »

Do You Qualify For Invisalign?

More and more people are opting for clear braces to correct misalignment and enjoy a straighter smile. But does everyone qualify for Invisalign? In some cases, traditional braces may provide a better solution to your misalignment. How do you know which option will work best for you?