When was the last time you found yourself in the dentist’s chair? Are you in the habit of undergoing routine dental examinations? Unless you are given a specific recommendation to approach your care differently, you should plan to see your dentist two times every year. At each routine dental appointment, you are receiving valuable care. You can have your teeth, gums, and oral tissues checked for any possible signs of trouble. By undergoing regular dental cleanings, you can enjoy a great defense against tartar, which can be a big oral health troublemaker.

Is Tartar Putting Your Teeth At Risk?

Tartar is a particularly frustrating problem for patients, as they can struggle to take care of it on their own. When you have tartar form, your risk for tooth decay and gum disease goes up, and you will not be able to remove it by practicing your routine brushing and flossing habits. Fortunately, you can have this stubborn substance removed when your hygienist performs a routine cleaning.

What Can Happen If A Dental Problem Goes Untreated

After a problem forms, prompt treatment is a serious priority. Early treatment can be preferable because you can save more of your tooth from permanent harm, and enjoy a less involved restorative dental treatment. Are you hoping to avoid a root canal treatment? Make sure you schedule a prompt appointment, so that your cavity is addressed before decay reaches the interior of your tooth! Every time your dentist reviews your smile, they can identify trouble, and set a course of action to eliminate the threat.

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