Your third molars, or widom teeth, take longer to arrive than your other teeth. A person’s may not arrive until their teens, or even their twenties. When they finally show up, they can quickly wear out their welcome. Wisdom teeth removal is a commonly performed tooth extraction. The reason for this is that wisdom teeth can create problems upon their eruption. They can displace or crowd your other teeth, which can cause orthodontic problems, as well as discomfort. Matters can be even worse if you have impacted wisdom teeth, or teeth that fail to erupt properly. Your Dallas, TX dentist can provide you with great care during a wisdom teeth removal. By having this procedure performed, you can ensure that the eruption of your third molars does not create discomfort, or oral health problems.

Avoiding Problems That Wisdom Teeth Can Cause

When you attend regular dental exams, your dentist will look for any changes or issues with your smile that require attention. One matter they will watch out for is the arrival of your wisdom teeth. There are cases where a person’s third molars can arrive without incident, but many people will have them taken out to avoid any problems before they are caused. Those problems include teeth crowding, and pain or sensitivity.

Other Situations That May Call For A Tooth Extraction

When you keep up with consistent dental care, you should avoid problems that require a tooth extraction. One reason this procedure is sometimes needed is because of an advanced cavity. At a certain point, decay will damage your tooth so severely that all your dentist can do is take it out. Dental injuries, and complications with gum disease, can also lead to an extraction.

Talk To Columbia Dental And Orthodontics About Extracting Your Wisdom Teeth

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