There’s something very cool about hopping in the car and heading in whatever direction the wind blows. Well, there’s something very alluring about it in movies and books. However, in real life, there are real things to contend with! You need to make sure you get enough gas. You probably need to pack a change of clothes at the very least. Oh, and there’s your oral health to remember, too! While it might not sound quite as romantic, we strongly suggest you take the time to prep just a little bit before you let your spontaneous side get the best of you this summer as you head out of Dallas, TX for your adventure!

#1: You’re Not Near Your Dentist

One of the big reasons traveling without dental prep is not such a great idea? Well, you’ll be away from us, your dental team, who knows what you need and from whom you are used to receiving oral health care! The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation you could have avoided (like treating decay that got much worse) from a total stranger. True, you might be able to find a dentist you like as you’re out of town. However, it’s certainly not worth going through any pain or extra effort when you’re supposed to be on vacation!

#2: You’ll Spend Money You Could Have Saved

Don’t forget to bring absolutely everything you need with you on your travels! Otherwise, you may end up spending extra money on stuff you could have easily packed away in your suitcase. What will you need on vacation, you wonder? All of the same stuff you always use, which should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. Toss it in with your toiletries, so you don’t end up having to replace everything last minute because you accidentally forgot it (this becomes much more expensive if you leave your entire family’s dental hygiene collection at home, so plan ahead)!

#3: It Could Sort Of Ruin Your Vacation

A toothache can sort of throw the pleasure and fun of your vacation off track. So, it’s to your benefit to check in on your oral health before you leave. That way, you’ll prevent any potential problems from developing (or developing further) and you can simply rest, relax, and enjoy.

Prep For Your Travel With A Dental Visit

See us for a simple dental visit well before you plan on traveling to ensure you’re geared up, ready to go, and that your smile is ready, too! To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalyan Nadella or Dr. Benjamin Walder, call Columbia Dental & Orthodontics in East Dallas, TX today at (214) 827-8000. We also gladly serve patients in Mesquite, Oak Cliff, Garland, and all surrounding communities.