Hopefully, you can avoid any dental problems that require treatment from your Dallas, TX dentist. Effective oral care at home, along with regular checkups, can make this a more manageable feat. Still, people who believe their teeth are healthy can be surprised to learn that they need some kind of restorative dental treatment. If you find yourself needing some kind of work, you can be relieved to know that modern care can be effective at addressing trouble while also preserving the look of your tooth.

Making Sure Your Comfort Is Prioritized Throughout Your Treatment Experience

People who have concerns around discomfort can make the mistake of avoiding their dentist, in the hopes that their problem will go away. Unfortunately, this can lead to more trouble, not less – if you have an untreated cavity, the decay can continue to spread and damage your tooth structure. If you struggle with feelings of anxiety, you can talk to your dentist about undergoing treatment while receiving dental sedation.

Assessing The Damage Done By Decay, And Fully Addressing Problems

When you arrive at your dentist’s office for treatment, they will base the restorative care you need on the level of harm your tooth has experienced. If you keep up with regular dental exams, it is possible to have a cavity treated before you start feeling uncomfortable symptoms. If you do not attend routine exams, or if you try to ignore oral health troubles, you may wind up waiting until you need a root canal to do something about tooth decay. You can be relieved to know that a root canal can be done safely, and with your comfort prioritized. You can also count on a restoration that allows your tooth to maintain its look.

A Proper Restoration Can Protect Your Tooth, And Preserve Your Appearance

Different restorations are used for smile care. After studying your tooth, and the amount of harm it has experienced, your dentist will determine what kind of restoration you need. For relatively minor amounts of decay, the placement of a dental filling can be enough. For larger cavities, including those that make a root canal treatment necessary, a dental crown can be needed. Both fillings and crowns can be made with materials that imitate your tooth structure, so there will not be any reason to worry about the esthetic changes created by a restoration.

Talk To Columbia Dental And Orthodontics About Scheduling A Cavity Treatment

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