When you plan restorative dental work, your Dallas, TX dentist is focused on making sure your smile is healthy once again. Scheduling a procedure to address tooth decay, or a dental injury, can protect your oral health against potentially serious issues. What you can be happy to know is that your work can also have a positive impact on your smile. After addressing decay or damage, your dentist can provide a natural-looking restoration that can appear natural. This means you can show off a smile free from unsightly problems – in fact, a lifelike dental crown can offer a potential improvement to how you look!

Providing A Custom Restoration For Your Tooth After A Cavity

Custom restorations are provided when you have a cavity removed, or when you need to protect a tooth that has been seriously chipped or cracked. Your dentist will take careful measurements to make sure your filling or crown will be the exact shape and size needed to feel comfortable when placed.

How Will I Know If I Need A Filling Or A Crown?

The type of restoration you need will be determined by the condition of your tooth after it has undergone the appropriate treatment. For tooth decay caught in time, your dentist can use a dental filling to protect your tooth. This is the more conservative option when it comes to restorative work, as the filling only occupies the area damaged by decay. When your tooth needs more support than fillings deliver, a dental crown can be used instead. Crowns can cover a tooth above your gum line, and keep it from being further damaged. The crown can be designed to look like a natural tooth, while still being strong enough to offer support when you bite and chew.

You Can Improve Your Defense Against Tooth Decay With Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental exams make it easier for you to keep up with your oral health. These visits include thorough teeth cleanings, as well as an inspection meant to discover any issues that might call for your dentist’s intervention. This review of your teeth can result in the identification of tooth decay, as well as other causes for concern. For instance, evidence of wear and tear could lead to the realization that you need to address a teeth grinding habit.

Count On Expert Restorative Dental Work At Columbia Dental And Orthodontics

Columbia Dental And Orthodontics is proud to make quality restorative dental care available to residents of Dallas, TX, as well as neighboring and nearby areas. Our practice can make sure your tooth is fully protected with a lifelike dental filling or dental crown when you need something done about an oral health problem. To learn more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalyan Nadella or Dr. Benjamin Walder by reaching Columbia Dental & Orthodontics in East Dallas, TX today at (214) 827-8000.