You can definitely count on quality smile care when you visit your Dallas, TX dentist’s office for routine preventive dental health support. Patients can count on thorough evaluations, as well as detailed cleanings of their teeth, when they come in for each regular dental exam. What you need to remember is that your oral care habits between these appointments will still matter to your overall oral health. Are you currently doing enough to make certain that your dentist will have no bad news to give during your next appointment? Identifying and correcting bad daily habits can help you avoid issues that can require professional treatment.

Are My Habits Really Putting Me At Risk For Oral Health Problems?

Your behaviors on a daily basis can vary, but there are a few issues you need to be mindful of each day if you want to keep your smile healthy. Obviously, one important aspect of your oral hygiene regimen concerns what you are doing to clean your teeth each day. If you are not taking time to properly brush and floss, you can leave oral bacteria to gather, and make yourself vulnerable to plaque and tartar. You also need to think about your diet choices, as the amount of sugary and acidic products you enjoy can influence how much harm your teeth experience.

Improving Your Efforts To Clean Your Teeth Each Day

Brushing and flossing often, and thoroughly, will be important to your defense of your teeth. If you want to make sure your brushing habit is truly keeping your teeth and gum line free of bacteria, clean your teeth at least two times a day, and make sure you spend at least two minutes being as effective as possible at reaching all areas of your smile. At least once a day, you should also floss. Doing this protects those spaces between your teeth. People who floss are less likely to need restorative dental work, or treatment for gum disease, because they are able to fight bacteria buildup between their teeth.

Changing Your Diet To Limit Dental Decay And Teeth Stains

A change in your normal diet that sees you cut back on sugar, and increase the amount of water you consume, can help you in the long term. Sugar is a food source for those harmful oral bacteria on your teeth – when those bacteria have opportunities to eat, they produce the acids that damage your enamel. Drinking water can help you stay hydrated, and naturally fight bacteria while also washing away food debris and other harmful agents. Remember that your diet choices can also impact your appearance, as consuming too many dark or color-rich products can lead to unattractive teeth stains.

Columbia Dental And Orthodontics Can Help You Maintain Good Oral Health

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