Is your dental prosthetic in place just for the sake of your smile, or can you count on it to provide functional support as well? The ability to improve your biting and chewing functions will help you reduce wear and tear on your remaining teeth, and limit the stress you currently put on your jaw. Fortunately, a modern approach to prosthetic work can lead to both cosmetic and restorative benefits! Your Dallas, TX dentist’s office can meet with you to discuss prosthetic work with dental implant support. This approach provides more stability for your restoration, and important protection for your jaw.

Improving Your Daily Life With A Modern Dental Prosthetic

Prosthetic dental work allows you to once again show off your complete smile, but this work can do more than just provide cosmetic dental improvements. When your implant-held restoration is put in place, you can enjoy once again having a full set of teeth to make biting and chewing easier. A stable prosthetic can even make speaking more comfortable. This can lead to a reduction in the wear and tear on your teeth, as well as the opportunity to enjoy foods that were difficult to eat with an incomplete smile.

Starting Prosthetic Work, And Restoring Your Smile

At your first appointment to discuss prosthetic work, your dentist can explain your options for restoring your missing teeth. After proper measurements are taken, your dentist can take down the information to provide you with a custom dental bridge or denture, based on your needs. If your plans involve the use of an implant, or implants, a review will be performed to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed to ensure your implant placement is successful. Once you are approved, and your implant placement is arranged, an appropriate healing period will have to take place before you can receive your restoration.

You Can Create Problems For Your Oral Health When You Delay Prosthetic Work

Spending more time with an incomplete smile means spending more time with difficult biting and chewing, and insecurities around your smile. You should be aware that the problem also affects your jaw health – missing teeth lead to a lack of stimulation that robs the bone of nutrients. Putting off restorative dental work can lead to your jaw being depleted to the point that preliminary work will be needed in order to make your restorative care successful.

Talk To Columbia Dental And Orthodontics About Prosthetic Dental Work

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