If you feel confident in the health of your smile, you may assume that you have nothing to gain by arranging a routine dental exam. What you should know is that if you keep up with this mindset, and only see your dentist when you think something is wrong, you can find yourself in need of serious restorative dental treatment. By attending regular checkups with your Dallas, TX dentist, you can stay informed about the condition of your teeth and gums. While you should understandably hope for good news every time, you should be aware that if a problem is found, you can benefit by arranging care before the matter grows more serious.

Important Care Offered During Every Routine Dental Checkup

At every routine dental examination, your oral health is thoroughly reviewed, and your teeth receive an important cleaning session. The cleaning you receive does more to protect your smile than you can do for yourself when you brush and floss. Your hygienist can actually remove tartar from your teeth, which gives you valuable protection. When you leave tartar in place, harmful oral bacteria can launch a continued assault on your oral health that can result in tooth decay, or gum disease. When your review takes place, your dentist can identify problems before they start to cause symptoms that attract your attention. Because of this, it will be possible to arrange care while the matter is still relatively minor.

Planning Treatment When A Dental Problem Is Identified

A cavity can form well before you start to feel its effects. When your dentist spots a small cavity on your tooth, plans can be made to restore your tooth – and your oral health – through the placement of a dental filling. A dental filling is the most modest and conservative restoration, as it only occupies the amount of space where a cavity was removed. This is opposed to a dental crown, which has to cover all of your tooth above your gum line. A cavity that is overlooked, and not addressed until you feel painful symptoms, can also make a root canal treatment necessary.

Make Sure You Practice Smart Care At Home, Too

Keeping up with good oral health habits at home will help you limit the buildup of oral bacteria on your smile. Brushing twice a day will be important, but you have to dedicate yourself to thoroughly cleaning your teeth at every session. You also need to protect your teeth by flossing once a day. Of course, your efforts to protect your smile are not limited to your commitment to cleaning your teeth. Limit your sugar intake, and minimize your exposure to acidic foods, in order to lower your cavity risk further.

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