No one should want to find themselves dealing with a cavity, and its impact on their oral health. With that said, you can be happy to know that if a cavity does affect you, the solution available from your Dallas, TX dentist can preserve your appearance! We use modern dental crowns and dental fillings when addressing damage done by decay. Because of this, you will not need to worry about a possible change in your appearance, even if your restoration is impossible to hide when you smile! We also provide important ongoing support through regular dental exams, which can make you less likely to need restorative dental work in the future.

What Kind Of Treatment Will You Need For Your Tooth?

Your cavity’s size and severity will dictate what kind of treatment you might need when you undergo work to stop decay. If a cavity is caught in time, your tooth will only need a dental filling to restore it. Fillings are a conservative treatment option, as they bond directly to your enamel, and only occupy that space where decay was removed. For more support, your dentist can provide a dental crown. A crown has more functional value than a filling, as it completely covers your tooth. This does call for more work on your overall tooth structure, but its use means saving a tooth after a potentially serious issue with decay.

Addressing An Infection From An Advanced Cavity

One reason you should make sure your cavity treatment is as prompt as possible is that you are at risk for a painful tooth infection. When an infection occurs, it leaves you with ongoing discomfort as bacteria attack that tooth’s living tissues within your pulp – eventually the bacteria spread even further, and leave through the tooth’s roots. To put a stop to this, your dentist performs a root canal treatment to remove all traces of the infection in your pulp.

We Can Help You Avoid Future Cavities, Too!

With regular dental exams, you can keep your smile safe against the threat of future cavities. We can supply support through routine dental cleanings from your hygienist, as well as careful examinations from your dentist. In addition to catching cavities sooner, this approach makes it easier for you to avoid them going forward, so you will not have to worry about what takes place during restorative work!

Columbia Dental And Orthodontics Can Properly Address Your Cavity

Columbia Dental And Orthodontics is ready to help people in need of cavity treatment! We can take care of a small cavity that has started to form, or one that has already done serious damage to your tooth. To learn more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalyan Nadella or Dr. Benjamin Walder by calling Columbia Dental & Orthodontics in East Dallas, TX today at (214) 827-8000.