The idea of your tooth needing permanent support can be understandably intimidating. While a broken bone can call for a temporary cast, problems with our teeth require more lasting solutions, as our teeth are limited in how much damage they can recover from. At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we can expertly restore your tooth with a dental crown. Depending on which tooth needs to be restored, and how visible it is when you smile, we can select the ideal material for your crown. For teeth that are important for your smile, we do offer lifelike materials that can prevent you from feeling self-conscious about the way you look.

We Offer Crowns Made From Different Material Types

Multiple material types are available for individuals who are receiving a dental crown. For one of your front teeth, which are displayed prominently when you smile, we offer porcelain and zirconia crowns. These materials are effective at mimicking enamel, so you will not have to fear that they draw unwanted attention. You can also look into having a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. These restorations are made with a metal base, but they are covered with lifelike porcelain. This material can be recommended when you need more support for a molar or premolar, as these teeth tend to absorb more pressure when you bite and chew.

Using A Dental Crown To Restore Your Tooth

A dental crown is designed to completely cover a tooth above your gum line, and to make sure you have adequate support when you bite and chew. The right crown will do more than just look like your natural tooth – it should also be shaped and sized to fit comfortably, and securely. During the restoration planning process, your dentist will take careful measurements of your tooth for use in the design of your custom crown.

Making Long-Term Plans To Keep Your Smile Healthy

Our practice is ready to help if you need to arrange a root canal treatment, or the placement of a dental crown. Of course, your goal should be to avoid these procedures by maintaining good dental health! Fortunately, we can provide preventive dental health care as well as restorative. At every routine dental exam, we provide careful evaluations and cleanings, with the goal of keeping your teeth in top shape!

Talk To Columbia Dental And Orthodontics About Receiving A Custom Crown

A custom dental crown from Columbia Dental And Orthodontics can protect a vulnerable tooth, and preserve the appearance of your smile. If you have questions about our restorations, or if you have any other dental matters that you are interested in, our Dallas, TX dental practice is prepared to help! To find out more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalyan Nadella or Dr. Benjamin Walder by calling (214) 827-8000.