How can you be sure you are doing a good job keeping current with regular dental exams? When patients go an extended period of time without developing issues that make them worry about their oral health, they can feel that they do not need to worry about their next exam. This mindset can lead to problems, because you may not realize when a problem begins to create problems for a tooth. Taking too much time between dental visits can make you more likely to have a problem with advanced tooth decay! Unless you are told to work on a different schedule, you should plan on semiannual dental exams. At our Dallas, TX dental office, we can make sure you receive dedicated smile support at each appointment, and avoid troubles with tooth decay!

You Should Stay Consistent With Your Dental Appointments

By staying consistent with regular dental exams, you can have better protection against tooth decay and gum disease. You should make appointments every six months for routine services. This timeline can help you stay free of problems. With that said, a problem that develops between appointments will have less time to progress, so it can be addressed through the appropriate restorative dental procedure while the problem is still small.

What Makes Checkups So Important For Patients?

Each routine checkup provides both an evaluation of your smile, and a thorough cleaning of your teeth. When your teeth are cleaned, the care you receive surpasses what you can do for yourself while brushing and flossing. Any tartar deposits that have formed since your last appointment can be removed, protecting your smile against the harm accumulated tartar can cause. Your dentist will have a chance to closely observe your teeth and gums, and see if any problems are present. In addition to having a cleaning, and access to prompt care, visits create opportunities for you to discuss problems like bruxism, which can cause regular aches and pains, and lead to potentially significant dental damage if not addressed in time.

Following Up A Routine Appointment With Dental Work

When dental problems are identified during a routine evaluation, they can be treated while they are still minor. Smaller cavities can be restored with dental fillings, which only occupy the space where your tooth structure was damaged. The filling is a conservative approach to treatment, requiring less work, and leaving more of your enamel in place. When a larger cavity requires a dental crown, your dentist has to remove more of your tooth structure to make room for the restoration.

Make Your Next Routine Appointment At Columbia Dental And Orthodontics

At Columbia Dental And Orthodontics, we provide our patients with dedicated care every time they come in for routine appointments! During an evaluation, we can provide support that will help you keep your smile free of problems, as well as access to treatment whenever an issue might call for treatment. You can schedule an appointment by calling our Dallas, TX dental office at (214) 827-8000.