Has your tooth been persistently in pain, or sensitive enough to make biting and chewing difficult? When a person starts to suffer this kind of discomfort, they can be understandably worried about the possibility that their tooth is in poor health, and needs some kind of restorative dental work. At our Dallas, TX dental office, we can thoroughly examine your tooth to determine what might be wrong. If decay or an injury is affecting it, the placement of a dental crown could be necessary. You can be relieved to know that we can place a lifelike crown that provides functional support in addition to preserving your smile.

Why Are You Suffering From A Toothache?

If a toothache starts to develop without an obvious cause, you may be feeling the effects of a worsening cavity. A cavity first forms on your enamel, but it can work its way into your tooth’s pulp, the central chamber where living nerves are contained. If bacteria start to attack these nerves, you can feel chronic pain, or a severe sensitivity that interferes with your life. If your tooth continues to hurt after physical trauma, you may be experiencing the effects of an internal injury that need to be addressed.

We Offer A Modern Approach To Restorative Dental Work

Our practice is ready to examine your tooth in order to find the reason for your discomfort, and arrange treatment. In many cases where chronic pain occurs, restorative work can be required. When taking care of a person’s smile, our goal is to fully protect their oral health while still preserving their smile. If you need a dental crown, we offer these restorations made with many different material types. For a restoration to be placed on one of your back teeth, we can recommend a crown made from metal. While these do not match the look and texture of a natural tooth, they can provide important functional protection while remaining difficult to see. For a tooth that is more visible, we can recommend using porcelain or zirconia to craft the crown. These material types imitate the appearance of healthy teeth while still providing quality support for biting and chewing.

Tips To Help You Avoid Future Dental Issues

If you want to avoid future problems with your oral health, make sure you attend regular dental exams. Access to general dental care can be important in the long term – in addition to lowering your risk for dental troubles, we can ensure that you have any problems identified and treated before they are serious. We can also offer tips to help you improve your brushing and flossing routine in order to better protect yourself against tooth decay and gum disease.

Talk To Columbia Dental And Orthodontics About Receiving A Dental Crown

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