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Is It Time For Your Wisdom Teeth To Be Removed?

In most cases, your Dallas, TX dentist would only recommend a tooth extraction as a last resort. With that said, people often need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. They may be in good health, but there presence can crowd your remaining teeth, shifting their alignment and causing you discomfort. You can count on expert… Read more »

Need More Than General Dentistry?

Perhaps what you’re looking for in your dental practice is general dentistry and more. What you don’t want to worry about is bringing yourself in only to realize that while you can have your teeth cleaned and cavities filled, anything beyond that may require care from another practice or specialist. Not to worry: We are… Read more »

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need Removal?

Did you know that as we enter adulthood, up to four additional teeth can erupt? These are known as wisdom teeth, or third molars. At one point, they helped our ancestors eat roots, tubers, and other tough vegetation. Now, we have little use for them and their arrival can lead to trouble, which is why… Read more »