In most cases, your Dallas, TX dentist would only recommend a tooth extraction as a last resort. With that said, people often need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. They may be in good health, but there presence can crowd your remaining teeth, shifting their alignment and causing you discomfort. You can count on expert care during your extraction, with serious attention paid to your comfort throughout the experience. If there is a problem with your wisdom teeth that makes a more involved procedure necessary, your dentist can discuss treatment via minor oral surgery to safely remedy the situation.

Arranging The Removal Of Your Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth can be the last to arrive, and their presence in your smile can be a decidedly unwelcome one. If yours have yet to arrive, your dentist can warn you if a routine dental exam reveals that they may need to be addressed soon. Once a treatment is arranged, you can go in for the care you require. Your dentist can also examine you, and let you know if your wisdom teeth can be left in place without creating problems.

What If There’s A Problem With My Wisdom Teeth?

There are cases where a person needs extra care for the removal of a particular wisdom tooth, or several of their wisdom teeth. One common complication is the development of an impacted tooth, meaning it has not erupted properly from your gum line. To take care of this, your dentist may need to take on a different approach to your tooth extraction. It is possible for this problem to require minor oral surgery. In addition to helping deal with impacted teeth, more advanced extractions can also help work around issues with an infection.

Make Sure You Keep Up With Your Oral Health Needs Over Time

How can you make sure a problem with your oral health is addressed before the problem becomes more complicated? At every routine dental checkup, your dentist is watching for any issues that might need to be corrected before they worsen. In addition to helping you avoid problems with your wisdom teeth, these reviews can lead to early detection and treatment for cavities, and gum disease.

You Can Arrange Your Wisdom Teeth Removal At Columbia Dental And Orthodontics

If you need to find the right place for your wisdom tooth removal, talk to Columbia Dental And Orthodontics! Our practice can make sure your needs are addressed, and your comfort is prioritized. Ignoring issues with the arrival of your wisdom teeth can lead to problems with crowding, and even the development of impacted teeth. For more information about our advanced dental, orthodontic, and oral surgery services, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalyan Nadella or Dr. Benjamin Walder by calling Columbia Dental & Orthodontics in East Dallas, TX today at (214) 827-8000.