Did you know that your allergies are not just annoying all by themselves? Did you know that in addition to turning you into someone with puffy eyes who has tissues on them at all times, allergies can also contribute to smile problems? Sorry to be the bearers of bad news! However, you may also wish to take this info as a bit more motivation to find an effective way to treat your upper respiratory concern! Learn a little more.

#1: Encouraging Bad Breath

Allergies can lead to smile problems like bad breath. There are multiple ways this can happen! Let’s break down the details:

  • When you’re quite congested, you may breathe through your mouth, which dries oral tissues. Dry tissues experience bacterial buildup, which causes bad breath.
  • When you take medication to treat allergies, it may cause dry mouth. Again, this may cause unpleasant breath.
  • Post-nasal drip can create a foul odor, as well.

#2: Making Food Taste Weird Or Dull

A moist mouth and open airways that promote your complete, healthy sense of smell contribute to your ability to taste the food you eat with ease. However, if your mouth isn’t moist enough, it will be difficult to taste the flavors within food. If you are congested, your ability to smell and thereby fully taste foods will also be difficult.

#3: Promoting Cavities

Another smile problem promoted by allergies? Think about that bacterial buildup we discussed: When bacteria reside on teeth for long period of time, tooth decay is more likely to occur.

#4: Encouraging Gingivitis, Too

Running along with that “allergies cause dry mouth and bacteria to accumulate” smile problem, we come to one additional conclusion: Bacteria will encourage gum disease, as well! Treat that congestion, drink more water, and see us if you need us!

Find Out How To Best Protect Your Smile

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