While there are many options out there for aligning your smile, you might find that we suggest traditional braces for yourself or your child. Before you feel disappointed that you’re not going to end up with clear aligner treatment, we encourage you to consider the fact that the more traditional route with the use of brackets and arch wires is actually something to get excited about! Not sure what we could say about braces that could make you smile? You might be surprised!

#1: They Can Prevent Future Problems (For Young Smiles)

Did you know that traditional braces can be used as interceptive orthodontics? This means that before young smiles have a chance to become severely misaligned, we can intervene, address concerns, and prevent malocclusions from developing.

#2: They Let You Fix Your Smile

Yes, you might have wanted clear aligner trays! However, if you don’t qualify for them, learning that we can fix even severe malocclusion concerns with traditional braces means you have a way to achieve that gorgeous, straight smile you were hoping for. Fortunately, you will find that though others can see them, you quickly adapt (as do those around you) for a wonderful experience.

#3: They Will Help Prevent Functional Issues

If you are a candidate for traditional braces, chances are quite good that the reason you qualify is a seriously misaligned smile. Serious misalignment means your teeth are jaws are not in balance with one another, which leaves you highly susceptible to functional problems caused by misalignment (like TMJ disorder or bruxism). Receive braces and these potential issues become much, much less of a threat.

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