When it comes to choosing Invisalign treatment, you want to know that it will work. Then, once you discover it bring with it some serious benefits for your smile, you want to know: What’s it going to take to get through treatment? Will it require some serious responsibilities? Or, will you find that the experience is really not going to be much work at all? In short: It’s pretty simple! Now, for those details you’re itching to receive!

Keeping Them In

You have to keep your trays in throughout the day and night. You have about two to four hours to play with, meaning they should be in place for around 20 hours to 22 every single day. What’s this leave time for? Eating. Brushing and flossing. Perhaps a bit more.

Not Losing Them

Another major responsibility: You need to try to keep them around. If you keep losing your Invisalign treatment trays, you won’t be able to wear them, therefore defeating their purpose!

Cleaning Them

Follow our suggestions for keeping your Invisalign treatment trays clean. It’s not complicated and you’ll be brushing and flossing your smile anyway! Make sure you’re keeping the trays clean, too, and you’ll be on your way (safely) toward a straight smile.

Following Our Instructions

If you forget to switch to your next set within your Invisalign treatment series of trays, you’re not going to be moving your treatment along. It’s very important that you follow all of our instructions, which includes seeing us for follow-up visits, as well as moving up to your next tray set to ensure you’re steadily aligning your smile.

Visit Us For Invisalign Treatment And A Straight Smile

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