While you might not feel overjoyed at having to address missing teeth, you will certainly begin to feel excited as you learn that there are fantastic options for your smile! Yes, tooth loss is certainly something you don’t want to experience again but discovering you can regain your once-complete grin makes the process of dealing what’s happening with your oral health right now a much nicer moment! As you think about how to approach your replacement, our East Dallas, TX practice advises you to take a moment to consider dental bridges!

#1: It’s Not Going Anywhere

As you consider a partial denture for yourself, you may realize that as much as there’s some major convenience that comes with being able to remove the partial or wear it when you want to, there’s also a drawback there: You’d really rather not think about your replacement for your missing teeth any more than you have to. Instead, you would love to be able to just replace the teeth and leave it at that, going about your business as though you’ve simply got your natural smile back in place as it was. A dental bridge may be a wise solution for you because it’s fixed, which means it’s staying right there in your smile all day, every single day.

#2: Care Is No Biggie

One of the things that might cross your mind as you explore your options to address the teeth you’ve lost is maintenance. Of course, you want to replace your teeth more than anything. However, you still hope that caring for the prosthetic you choose isn’t going to be complicated. As mentioned, a dental bridge is a fixed device. This means that you won’t need to take it out and soak it or keep up with its whereabouts. Instead, you’ll continue brushing and flossing like you always have. Around your bridge, however, you’ll just need to add flossing between the bridge and your gum tissue for effective care. Very easy!

#3: There’s No Shifting Going On

Especially if you’ve ever worn a partial denture or if you’re thinking about it (and one thing you don’t want is even the slightest possibility of your device moving), then a dental bridge might be a good option for you to consider. It’s bonded in place, so when you eat, talk, etc., it’s not moving even in the slightest.

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