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Improve Your Oral Hygiene Over The Summer

If you have kids, then you’re probably well aware that summer break has finally arrived. With your kids at home, they have way more time for playing, as well as snacking. Instead of letting summer be a time when they increase the likelihood of developing cavities, why not help them practice good oral hygiene over… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Your Teeth!

Knowing every random piece of information there is to know about your teeth isn’t necessary to effectively care for them, but some things are interesting to know anyway. For instance, did you know that the only substance on earth stronger than healthy tooth enamel is diamond? Learn how to keep your teeth that strong, along… Read more »

Know Your Flossing Options

Are you curious about your options when it comes to flossing your teeth? Clearly, the whole “once-a-day” thing isn’t something that’s going to change – but when it comes to the product you may use to clean between teeth, you may wonder if you’re overlooking something. The good news is that you have a variety… Read more »

Quiz: Are You A Dental Tech Wiz?

Do you think you’re taking advantage of today’s technology to make the most of protecting your oral health? Or, do you feel like your dental hygiene approach is more in line with the Stone Age? Perhaps you are somewhere in between! To learn more about your daily maintenance – and possibly to learn a few… Read more »