Using Invisalign Aligners To Effectively Close A Smile Gap

Poor dental alignment can create different difficulties for people when it comes to their smile. While this problem sometimes leads to concerns about teeth that overlap in other ways, it can also result in the presence of a conspicuous gap between two teeth. If you have a prominent gap, it can make you less than comfortable with your smile. Even if your teeth are in good health, you can feel bothered by the way your spacing interferes with your facial symmetry, and demands unwanted attention. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help individuals deal with this problem. Invisalign aligners, like traditional braces, can prove effective at closing gaps between teeth. With that said, these appliances offer the additional benefit of being more discreet than bracket-and-wire braces. (more…)

Don’t Let Your Teeth Grinding Habit Damage Your Smile

How can a habit of grinding your teeth at night impact your smile and oral health? People who deal with bruxism can frequently clench or grind their teeth throughout the night, which can lead to problems with facial sensitivity and soreness, dental pain, and other forms of discomfort. As the problem continues to occur, the pressure on your teeth can start to cause wear and tear, with the potential to cause serious chips and cracks. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you address this issue so that you no longer have to worry about bruxism’s threat to your smile and oral health. We can provide you with a custom oral appliance that keeps your teeth apart while you sleep. (more…)

Unhappy With An Older Restoration? Talk To Your Dentist

When tooth decay or physical trauma cause problems for a tooth, a permanent restoration can be necessary to preserving your smile and dental health. If you received a dental crown or dental filling after past treatment, but feel that your restoration is no longer providing the right support, it may be time to discuss a replacement. Both are meant to be a permanent solution to an oral health problem, but – like with your teeth – problems can negatively affect them, and demand attention from a dental expert. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is prepared to take care of an older restoration, and make sure that you have a replacement that protects your oral health while also restoring your smile. (more…)

Sedation Can Help Individuals With Dental Anxiety

While people make the mistake of avoiding routine dental appointments for several reason, some individuals resist preventive care because of dental anxiety. This condition can make even routine appointments feel uncomfortable, but it can make the idea of scheduling important restorative services particularly difficult. At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we understand that dental anxiety can make it difficult to schedule oral health services. If you experience this problem, you can benefit from sedation dentistry. With the appropriate sedative, we can help you stay relaxed throughout treatment, making it easier for you to come in and enjoy a positive smile care experience. (more…)

Are Your Favorite Beverages Leaving Teeth Stains?

How often do you order a soft drink with a meal when you dine out? Do you feel like you require coffee to function most mornings? These popular beverages, and others, can be a part of a person’s daily life, but they can also be the reason that person starts to worry about the color of their teeth. Drinks with dark or rich colors like colas, coffee, tea, and red wine are able to leave behind particles on our enamel that make them appear dull over time. If this is becoming an issue for you, changing your habit can help you avoid future stains. To take care of the stains that have already formed, our Dallas, TX dental practice can provide you with a custom whitening kit! (more…)

Will Your Wisdom Teeth Create Problems For Your Oral Health?

People often need their wisdom teeth removed – in some cases, people will opt to have them taken out preemptively. What is it about these particular teeth that create so much trouble for our oral health? Wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth to arrive. Their size, and the relative lack of space in your mouth, can lead to issues with their eruption that cause the painful crowding of your other teeth. If they become impacted, they can create serious concerns for your dental health. At our Dallas, TX dental office, we can work with you on a successful wisdom teeth extraction in order to prevent these potential issues from occurring. (more…)

3 Cosmetic Problems That Veneers Can Solve

While there are several cosmetic dental procedures available to you at our Dallas, TX dental office, you may be able to see all of your desired smile improvements with just a single treatment. People who have significant concerns about their appearance when they smile can find that porcelain veneers effectively cover all of the issues they feel hurt the way they look. These custom restorations can make teeth look healthier, larger, and brighter while also covering up dental damage that has occurred over time. If you have an interest in improving your smile, make an appointment to discuss the benefits of dental veneers. The sooner you express your interest, the sooner you can start showing off your improved smile! (more…)

Do You Need A Dental Crown For Your Aching Tooth?

Has your tooth been persistently in pain, or sensitive enough to make biting and chewing difficult? When a person starts to suffer this kind of discomfort, they can be understandably worried about the possibility that their tooth is in poor health, and needs some kind of restorative dental work. At our Dallas, TX dental office, we can thoroughly examine your tooth to determine what might be wrong. If decay or an injury is affecting it, the placement of a dental crown could be necessary. You can be relieved to know that we can place a lifelike crown that provides functional support in addition to preserving your smile. (more…)

Have You Attended Enough Dental Exams For The Year?

Unless there is an issue that makes a different schedule better for your smile, you should have a dental checkup roughly every six months. At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we make sure our patients are enjoying important preventive services every time they come in for these routine appointments. The cleanings and thorough evaluations performed at our office help you avoid issues with dental decay and gum disease. They also ensure that any problems you have with your dental health are treated before they have the opportunity to worsen. By seeing your dentist two times a year on an ongoing basis, you can keep your smile in great shape! (more…)

Taking Care Of Flaws Through Cosmetic Bonding And Contouring

If your goal is to make meaningful changes to your smile, how much work do you expect to need to reach your ideal improvements? People sometimes put off smile care because they worry about how involved a procedure might be, or that they might have to go through multiple visits to see their results. At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we can help you see significant smile changes through bonding and contouring work. This procedure is ideal for people who want to see results as soon as possible, and for those who are worried about the amount of work that treatment might involve. Bonding and contouring will not require the use of restorations, and treatment is often completed after just one appointment! (more…)