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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore A Toothache

Do you do your best to pretend nothing is wrong when you experience a toothache? Is it because you are afraid something actually is wrong? Maybe you’re dealing with some dental anxiety, so you don’t want to schedule a visit. Perhaps you feel like you are overreacting and don’t want to embarrass yourself by giving… Read more »

How Can I Avoid Metal Braces?

Are you looking for a way to straighten your smile but the idea of metal braces is what keeps you from speaking with us about orthodontic care? We understand. You are one of many individuals who worries about the way traditional braces might feel, how they may impact your appearance and your daily life, and… Read more »

3 “Why” Questions Answered

Do you have a variety of “why” questions about your oral health that you would like answered? Perhaps you feel strongly about ensuring your mouth remains in optimal condition but you’re a bit confused regarding why you need certain types of treatments, why we suggest consistent daily care, and more. Remember that the main goal… Read more »

When Do I Need A Filling?

We find that patients often come to us for problems with their teeth, though they feel worried we may find nothing is really wrong. Here’s what you need to remember: If you think you need a dental filling or you assume something is wrong with your tooth, it is always best to schedule time to sit… Read more »

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Are you thinking a lot about which tooth replacement solution is the best selection for your needs lately? If you have one spot – or several open spots – in your smile, you may be feeling a bit of pressure to make a choice and complete your grin for a long list of reasons. If you… Read more »

Jawbone Grafting 101

Are you curious about what to make of bone grafting? Have you been considering dental implants for your smile but you have been alerted that you may require grafting before you are eligible to receive implants? Don’t worry – feeling uncertain or hesitant about this oral surgery treatment is easy to overcome as you become… Read more »

Crowns: 3 Common Reasons You Need One

Do you know why you need a dental crown? Are you not in need of one just yet but you have long been a little fuzzy regarding the details? In some instances, we discover that patients who are completely fine with the idea of a filling feel resistant to crowns simply because they are unsure… Read more »

3 Good Things About Tooth-Colored Fillings

Are you trying to figure out what to make of your upcoming filling? You know that you require a restorative treatment because you have a cavity in your tooth. However, you may find yourself wondering if this is the same as any other type of dental filling. Fortunately, this restoration is different from those of the… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Removal 101

Do you know what your wisdom teeth are? Have you been hearing friends discussing scheduling wisdom teeth removal to protect their smiles but you aren’t really sure if this is relevant to your needs? Don’t worry, these third molars are a mystery to many. Fortunately, by learning more about these molars that are the very last… Read more »