Category: Preventive Dentistry

Do Your Loved Ones Need to See the Dentist?

Do you find yourself caring for both your children and your parents? If so, your life may already seem dizzyingly full of school activities and medical care, study breaks and senior activities. Even so, it is important to make sure that both your kids and your parents are caring for their smiles. Proper preventive care,… Read more »

Protect Those Smiles with Healthy Treat Ideas

Are you excited to soon greet the goblins and ghosts, pirates and princesses, that frequent your home each Halloween? Many adults look forward to seeing the excitement on children’s faces as they ask that legendary question, “Trick or treat?” This year, though, if you’d like to elicit smiles and help protect them as well, instead… Read more »

What Can You Do to Prevent Dental Problems?

Did you vow to take better care of your smile this year? Do you sometimes feel stumped as to what actually constitutes great dental care? If you want to avoid dental cavities and other oral health problems, it is imperative to take excellent care of both your teeth and gums. But how? Preventive care should… Read more »

Quiz: Are You A Dental Tech Wiz?

Do you think you’re taking advantage of today’s technology to make the most of protecting your oral health? Or, do you feel like your dental hygiene approach is more in line with the Stone Age? Perhaps you are somewhere in between! To learn more about your daily maintenance – and possibly to learn a few… Read more »

3 Reasons To Use An Athletic Mouthguard

Have you ever considered wearing an athletic mouthguard? Do you ever catch a glimpse of a boxer and realize that without a mouthguard, his smile would likely contain very few teeth after a fight? While a sport with as much impact as boxing makes the need for oral health protection quite clear, patients often overlook… Read more »

Bruxism True-Or-False Quiz

Do you suffer from bruxism? Have you recently visited us to discuss receiving bruxism treatment and you are extremely happy to be on a path that leads toward relief? While you know that a healthy smile is in your future, are you curious about what’s been causing your involuntary grinding or clenching? Perhaps you wonder… Read more »

About Those Tooth Cracks

Are you having a hard time figuring out whether what looks like a crack in your tooth is something that is seriously damaging to your oral health – or if it’s nothing to worry about at all? Of course, the best response we can give you is that you can find out once and for… Read more »